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Gawaz is a premiere online Arabian Matrimonial service with a focus of providing the Muslim community with the widest selection of potential marriage partners available on the Internet.

Our Arabian Matrimonial service offers free registration, free picture upload, SMS notification and more!

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Success Story
Mona and Ahmad

Jason Taylor was getting married in a few months and wanted to look his best for the wedding. He weighed 225 and his height is 6'1'.

He succeeded in losing 25 pounds over two and a half months. He also lowered his body fat percentage from 15 to 8.

One can achieve a lot in just two months but he says it took discipline.

Taylor did it by exercising on an elliptical machine six days a week. He also limited himself to 2,100 calories a day and gave up on refined sugar. He ate most of his carbohydrates at breakfast.
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